Clinically Tested. Scientifically Balanced.

Whole Leaf Organics CBD-Rx is a practitioner formulated, and clinically tested cannabinoid nutraceutical line. Our formulations have been proven to be effective at reducing inflammation, and minimizing the way cancer cells manipulate neighbor cells - the key factor in being successful when trying to be proactive against disease.

Utilizing infrared sub column separating technology, cannabinoid compounds are isolated, then suspended in hemp oil. Isolating technology makes the cbd eighty percent more absorbable, and over a thousand times more effective when combating radical dividing mutated cells.

When it comes to fighting disease and health, the efficacy of a product is of extreme importance. Our CBD-Rx formulas are clinically tested in petrie dish cell studies, and have been proven effective in regards to battling inflammation. Safe for both human beings and animals, our prescription strength cannabinoid formulations are the best in regards to therapeutic inflammation reducing response protocols.



Our prescription strength CBD-Rx products are effective for both therapeutic and maintenance needs. Non psychoactive in nature, our cannabinoid extracts focus specifically on inflammation reduction, minimizing manipulation of other cells as tumors spread and work to ravage through the body.


While effective in combatting cancer, cannabinoids have been proven to be beneficial in reducing arthritis, and immune mediated responses. The terpenes in CBD also work in regards to reducing brain inflammation, and can help to reduce anxiety in people, helping to regulate adrenal activity.


The CBD-Rx Difference...

Equivalent to 2000 mg of full spectrum cbd, our Whole Leaf Organics flagship product CBD-Rx is formulated containing 250mg of sub matrix infared isolate compounds. Clinically tested to be eight times stronger then full spectrum cbd oil, our proprietary purification process removes all the waxes, chlorophylls, and unnecessary substances within the plant, preserving the terpenes and cannabinoid compounds necessary to reduce inflammation and fight against things like cancer and immune related disorders.

Clinically tested in patient unit control groups, our CBD-Rx formulation was researched to reduce inflammation within the body, brain and organs - and was effective in helping those struggling with terminal cancers fight against systemic histamine reactive causing compounds.


Why People Choose CBD-RX


Blood Cancers

Infused with sub matrix column separated cannabinoids, CBD-RX is crafted to focus specifically on minimizing cell mutation, reducing inflammation at the cellular level. Effective for both people and animals.

Auto Immune

Working to isolate and demanipulate specific triggers, controlling inflammation can be useful in regards to fighting against, and learning to live with and manage auto immune disorders.


Reducing systemic inflammation, isolating specific cannabinoids can be beneficial in helping to reduce the occurrence of seizures in children, people, as well as animals.

Multiple Sclerosis

Working at the multi cellular level, cannabinoids can help reduce inflammation assisting those suffering from nervous system and brain disorders like Multiple Sclerosis.


Science Backed CBD


Cultivated using only the finest ingredients, Whole Leaf Organics CBD-Rx strains are grown naturally and organic.

Each batch is lab tested, and compounds separated using infared sub-column technology. Isolating the compound offers increased strength and magnified anti inflammation effects.



Whole Leaf Organics CBD-Rx lines are prescription based isolate complexes, formulated specifically to reduce inflammation and combat ailments such as cancer, auto immune disorders, and arthritis based issues.

Our formulas are safe for both human and animal therapeutic needs.



Clinically tested containing isolated researched ingredients, our Whole Leaf Organics CBD-Rx is practitioner and naturopath recommended.

Effective and clinically studied, our isolate cannabinoid compounds work to reduce inflammation, cell manipulation, while preserving whole body health.