Pain and Soreness. Inflammation.

Crafted specifically for those struggling with anxiety, nervousness, and social disorders - CBD Calm combines phytocannabinoid rich hemp oil, 500mg full spectrum CBD, and Ashwagandha extract to deliver an effective adrenal managing compound. Ideal for people and animals, CBD Calm is the leader in anxiety and adrenal control.

Contains: Curcumin Extract. 500mg CBD. Over 30 Terpene Rich isolates. Zero THC.


Pain and Inflammation Management

Designed to target specific needs, CBD Arthritic attends to both inflammation and pain needs. Utilizing our proprietary extraction process, Whole Leaf Organics CBD Arthritic contains CBC, CBG, CBG-A, CBC-A, CBN and terpenes, that works to site target specific areas in the body that are inflamed.

Compounded into a science backed formulation, CBD Arthritic contains Curcumin extract (from turmeric), a clinically researched ingredient that has been shown in sub human trials to reduce muscle soreness, joint pain, and internal inflammation. Containing bioactive compounds with powerful medicinal properties, the addition of Curcumin increases the antioxidant benefit in the body, while providing natural anti inflammation support.

Lab tested and third party certified, Whole Leaf Organics is the leader in pure hemp extract products, providing overall supportive care.


CBD Arthritic

1oz - 500mg cbd

Whole Leaf Organics cannabinoid supplement CBD Arthritic is a full spectrum high potency CBD formulation that is terpene concentrated, containing over 30 different terpenes.

Non-psychoactive and formulated containing Curcumin extract, CBD Arthritic reduces inflammation while working to protect the immune system.* 


CBD Full Spectrum Extract - 16.67mg
Curcumin Extract - 2mg
Other Ingredients: Hemp Seed Oil, Phyocannabinoid Rich Hemp Oil


The Best in Inflammation Support



Cannabinoids derived from PCR rich hemp attach themselves to specialized receptors in a person's brain and immune system. One of these receptors known as a CB2 receptor, plays an important role in our immune system by managing pain and inflammation.

Researchers believe that when CBD enters a person's body, it attaches to CB2 receptor sites. Alternatively, it may cause the body to produce natural cannabinoids that attach to the CB2 receptors, working to reduce systemic inflammation.


An extract from the Turmeric plant, Curcumin is clinically researched to possess anti inflammatory effects. Reported to block the NF-kB, a molecule that travels into the nuclei of your cells and turns on genes related to inflammation - Curcumin possess the ability to assist in overall inflammation reduction.

In addition, it increases the antioxidant capability of the body, increasing immune structure, helping the body overcome sickness and inflammation that can lead to chronic diseases.


Why People Choose Arthritic



Rich in cannabigerol (CBG), CBD Arthritic works to reduce inflammation at injury sites by reducing inflammation at the cellular level, helping to regulating immune cells.

Pain and Soreness

Formulated with clinically researched ingredients, Arthritic is ideal for those with pain and soreness issues. Proven to be effective at reducing inflammation, CBD Arthritic can be the difference in your life.

Joint Discomfort

Formulated containing curcumin extract, CBD Arthritic delivers on site inflammation reducing support. Perfect for those suffering from joint pain, Arthritic can be used at therapeutic doses, to relieve inflammation.


Formulated terpene rich, Arthritic helps to regulate immune cells assisting in the reduction of swelling. Helpful for those suffering with arthritis, cannabinoids are used for its anti inflammation effects.