Perfect For Your Pets


Supplements made perfect

Because disease does not change, Whole Leaf Organics supplements are effective and also safe for your pets. Formulated containing clinically proven ingredients, Whole Leaf Organics have made the difference in the lives of countless animals.

Just as in humans, our supplements are effective at combatting allergies, food intolerances, and immune disorders. Practitioner recommended and veterinarian prescribed, Whole Leaf Organics is used around the world to treat and assist in helping your furry friend to reclaim their health and their lives.


Clinically Tested

Designed for you, but perfect for them. Whole Leaf Organics supplements a human grade, with ingredients that are perfectly safe for pets. 

If you cannot take it, why would it be safe for them? Here at Whole Leaf, we believe disease and ailments affect our pets, the same way it affects us. Disease does not change.

Dogs suffering from cancer, it is no different from a person struggling through the same. Supplements that target specific issues, we believe should be universal. Whole Leaf Organics supplements, CBD tinctures, and full spectrum probiotics - are effective at combatting disease in our animals. 

Filler free, made with clinically tested ingredients, let our supplements be the difference your furry loved one needs.


Have an animal suffering from skin allergies

Whole Leaf Organics supplements are used nationwide to help curb food intolerance, yeast and fungal problems in animals, inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as dogs or cats struggling with inflamed or itchy skin.

Our probiotic Immunity delivers fully absorbable flora forming good bacteria that works to counteract the growth and over abundance of yeast and fungus. Intestinal is ideal for animals with inflamed skin, and those suffering from food allergies.

Our flagship and award winning product Cleanse is great for dogs with hot spots, reoccurring ear infections, and cats having a hard time digesting their foods and frequent loose stools.


Have a feline struggling with kidney issues

While diet change is of upmost importance, adding our probiotic supplement Immunity can be a life changer in regards to cats whom are struggling with kidney or renal failure.

Our Immunity probiotic supplement kills micro organisms, boosts the immune system, while at the same time breaking down and eliminating urea nitrogen - reducing overall BUN number values. Safe for daily maintenance and use, Immunity is ideal for people, as well as animals.

Recommended usage: begin with a half capsule - open and mix into food. Usage can be increased to twice daily, or directed by your health practitioner for intensive care and therapeutic regimes..