CBD MAX 1000mg

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CBD Max_front.jpg

CBD MAX 1000mg


Pure in design, our high potency concentrate contains active CBD suspended in Hemp Ariel Extract oil. Utilizing our proprietary extraction technique, WL Hemp CBD Max contains 1000mg of CBD, CBC, CBG, CBG-A, CBC-A, CBN and terpenes, that works to site target areas in the body that are compromised and inflamed.

Backed by scientific research and formulation, CBD Max delivers concentrated active CBD for individuals looking for intense therapeutic needs. Filler free, and compounded without any carrier oils - CBD Max its the ultimate in high intensity immune system and inflammation support.

Lab tested and third party certified, Whole Leaf Organics is the leader in pure hemp extract products, providing overall supportive care.

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CBD Max 

1oz - 1000mg cbd

Whole Leaf Organics cannabinoid supplement CBD Max is a full spectrum high potency CBD formulation that is terpene concentrated, containing over 30 different terpenes.*

Formulated containing active CBD suspended in cannabinoid rich single Hemp Ariel extract, Max CBD delivers medical therapeutic grade CBD to areas of specific need.* 


CBD Full Spectrum Extract - 33.33mg
Other Ingredients: Hemp Seed Oil, Phyocannabinoid Rich Hemp Oil