Immunity Probiotic


Immunity Probiotic

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  • Whole Leaf Organics probiotic supplement Immunity is a multi flora full spectrum probiotic designed to boost the immune system and assist in gastrointestinal restoration. Grown in high grade monitored probiotic culture systems, our Immunity probiotic is time tested and potency proven to assist those struggling with health related issues.
  • Not all Probiotics are equal. The difference between Immunity and the rest, is we grow live viable probiotic organisms that are heat resistant, fully digestible and gi tract responsive. Our Immunity Probiotic is made using a double potency manufacturing technique, which ensure optimal potency as it is digested and assimilated by the body
  • Made with the purest and best ingredients, Whole Leaf Organics Immunity is the best probiotic supplement for those experiencing stomach bloat, discomfort after eating, and for those struggling with Candida and fungal infections. Formulated containing a proprietary set of enzymes and Jerusalem Artichoke, Immunity fuels flora growth in the gastrointestinal and boost both immune function and mucous membrane integrity.
  • Safe and highly recommended by both practitioners and naturopaths, Immunity can even be used on dogs and cats struggling with skin infections, food allergies, and gastrointestinal problems.
  • Whole Leaf Organics Immunity is a leading Probioitic supplement prescribed and used by thousands of practitioners and naturopaths world wide. Cultivated with a specific full spectrum set and Lactoferin, Immunity is perfect for individuals struggling with Candida and fungal overgrowth. What is so unique about Immunity, is the addition of Lactoferin, a derivative of breast milk. Found in the first milk (colostrum) of a mother to its infant, naturally possessing anti-fungal and immune boosting properties.
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Probiotic Blend – 9 billion CFUs

L Plantarum – 3 billion CFUs,
B. Bifidum – 2.5 billion CFUs,
L. Acidophilus – 2 billion CFUs,
L. Sporogenes – 380 million CFUs,
L. Salivarius – 300 million CFUs,
B. Lactis – 300 million CFUs,
L. Casei – 225 million CFUs,
B. Infantis – 200 million CFUs,
B. Longum – 200 million CFUs,
Jerusalem Artichoke Tuber – 20mg.

Other ingredients include Hypromellose (capsule), Vegetable Cellulose.