Purify Enzyme


Purify Enzyme

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  • Whole Leaf Organics Purify is a unique enzymatic blend that specifically works to break down complex carbohydrates, starches, and things like wheat gluten and other foods difficult to process and break down. Purify is a Naturopathic industry staple, and is utilized by many practitioners and dieticians to help people promote full and complete digestion.
  • Purify sets itself apart from other enzymes by first being fully natural and filler free, but we also guarantee purity and potency. Purify instantly works to reduce bloat and food intolerance to certain things.
  • Have Candida or a difficult time breaking down carbohydrates, let Purify work with you. Infused with a synergystic blend of herbs and Bifobacterium, Purify regulates GI Tract activity while working to boost immune function.
  • Leaky Gut? Purify can help restore your bodies natural ecosystem as well as regulate GI activity. Mild enough for everyday and every meal use, for best results, take purify before eating or immediately after consuming food. The great thing about Whole Leaf Purify is that you can feel it working.
  • Safe and highly recommended by both practitioners and naturopaths, Purify can even be used on dogs and cats struggling with skin infections, food allergies, and gastrointestinal problems.
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Proprietary Enzyme Blend – 251mg, Protease 4.5 – 47,000 HUT, Phytase – 90 FTU, Alpha- Galactosidase – 525, GaIU, Amylase – 3495 DU, Pectinase – 30 endo-PGU, Glucoamylase – 12AGU, Protease 3.0 – 2 SAPU, Lactase – 140 ALU, Lipase – 340 FIP, Cellulase – 60 CU, Diastase – 42 DP°, Alkaline Protease – 100 USP, Hemicellulase – 60 HCU, Invertase – 14 SU, BioCore DPP-IV® - 100mg, Protease – 500 DPP-IV, Protease – 30,000 HUT, Protease – 8.5 AP, Proprietary Herbal Blend – 72mg, Fennel (seed), Flax Seed, Ginger (rhizome), Artichoke (leaves) Extract, Peppermint (leaf), Turmeric (root), Bifidobacterium infantis – 37.5mg.
Other ingredients include Vegetable Cellulose and Water. 

Vegan Product. Cruelty Free. Non GMO.